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Endless possibilities

a Project by Federica Cacciavillani

The pursuit of creativity requires constant exploration and experimentation. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible through the incorporation of new technology, concepts, and perspectives in my practice, I'm able to develop a unique artistic voice and express my ideas in ways that were previously unimaginable.

The Project where others influence of my artistic process and generate art for you

Incorporating generative AI and inputs from other people into my creative process has allowed me to unlock new dimensions of possibility and generate art that reflects, by its infinite nature, the endless potential of the universe.

How does it works

The artist has created an application that uses generative AI to generate images in the style of her works. The prompt used to instruct the AI contains a section filled with text from other people on the artist's website. Inputting a word or short concept influences the artist's prompt just enough for the resulting image to reflect the user's inspiration while still remaining aesthetically coherent with the artist's style.

All resulting images will represent a light-colored sculptural vessel in the style of Federica Cacciavillani; a unique artwork created by a singular interaction. 


User input > Waves

Examples images generated during the testing of the model

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