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240 Possibilities

Mix media


240 Possibilities is an intriguing and thought-provoking artwork that invites viewers to contemplate the vast array of potentialities that exist within our reality. Created by contemporary artist Federica Cacciavillani, this mixed media piece delves into the realm of possibilities through the exploration of alternative variations that could have been realized but were left unfulfilled.


Drawing upon the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Cacciavillani delves into the untapped potential of creation. The artist generates a series of renders depicting alternative vases that she could have crafted instead of the one that ultimately materialized. These digital renderings represent the unexplored paths and diverse shapes that reality could have taken.


Upon encountering 240 Possibilities, the viewer is presented with a transparent box adorned with a multitude of QR codes. These codes act as gateways to the countless digital proposals that the artist has conceived. As the viewer scans each QR code, a new image appears, offering a glimpse into a plausible reality. This interactive element encourages viewers to engage with the artwork and become active participants in the exploration of possibilities.


Barely visible inside the transparent box resides the physical vase, crafted in porcelain with lots of intricate details. The delicate and tangible nature of the sculptural object stands in stark contrast to the boundless and easily manipulable digital world represented by the QR codes. This juxtaposition raises profound questions about the nature of reality and our relationship with the digital realm.


240 Possibilities challenges the viewer to question the hierarchical dynamics between the physical and the digital, and to ponder the significance of choice. Does the true essence of the artwork lie within the physical vase, which remains hidden and elusive? Or is it within the infinite digital proposals, effortlessly accessible and subject to manipulation? Perhaps the artist intends to blur the boundaries between these realms and encourage contemplation rather than a definitive answer.

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